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Adopting a dog

Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do because it gives a dog a new chance in life but for first-time adopters there can be unexpected problems that could be avoided. With this in mind I decided to write my book “Adopting a Dog”. This precise little book is packed full of information ranging from helping the prospective owner to choose the right dog in the first place and then suggesting practical steps to follow to get round any problems that may arise.


adopting a dog book

You and your puppy

Preface by Dr. Alain B. Weiss, Veterinarian:

"For several years now the interpretation of dog behavior is the subject of extensive research to understand why our companions acte in such ways in a given situation and why sometimes serious behavioral problems appear despite the owners efforts to educate and give all their love

In keeping with the long English tradition and supported by the latest discoveries in this area, Suzy A. Wishart makes helps us understand our dogs behaviour with this simple, effective and positive book. By following his advice not only will you avoid the major problems that misunderstood a dog may devellop but you will also live in in perfect harmony. "

Dr. Alain B. Weiss, Veterinarian, graduated from L'Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse, Former lecturer in animal behavior consultations. High BTWC (COAP), Nocne, author of "The dog's behavior and its disorders.

The second book written by Suzy Wishart  is called "Adopting a Dog"